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Each kitchen is designed individually, on request: we choose the model, type and shape of finishing the fronts. Different widths, heights and even depths of cabinets; we choose accessories, system of internal equipment of cabinets, opening mechanisms or even types of lighting. Therefore, the price of a kitchen is also an individual issue. The variety of materials for fronts and countertops allows the same kitchen to be priced in several variants - depending on the budget you have at your disposal.

Because the kitchen is never "the same". As in the case of a car, two copies of the same model can look the same from the outside, the difference is being felt while driving. Each kitchen we can also equip individually. At first glance we only assess whether we like the kitchen or not. We encourage you to introduce yourself with the range of internal equipment for kitchen cabinets and to visit our showrooms and - go ahead! - open and check all cabinets! You may find that cooking will be as enjoyable as driving a high class car!

We invite you to visit one of our showrooms where, during the meeting, we will offer you free of charge kitchen valuation. A direct talk with the designer will give you the opportunity to agree the details, and consequently - make a detailed calculation. When you accept them, we will be able to prepare the project. When preparing for such a meeting, you can introduce yourself with our design guide, which will show you what you should look for when creating your new kitchen and will give you a closer look at our solutions for the designs, dimensions and fittings of your kitchen cabinets. Do not forget to bring your plans or dimensions of the room with you!

The design of your kitchen requires many details to be agreed upon, this is the result of your findings with the designer, result of conversations, during which you discuss together the various possibilities. Therefore, we make by e-mail only the valuation based on the complete project sent to us. It is rough calculation and can be treated as preparation for a meeting, during which we will discuss the details of the offer.

Besides the project, the basic information we need from you is:

  1. The kitchen model (front) you are interested in,
  2. Height of lower cabinets (working countertop height)
  3. Height of the room,
  4. The description of the equipment you would like to put in your kitchen.

If you have a ready-made room, it is best to start designing your kitchen approximately 3-4 months before the scheduled term of realisation. If you are at the stage of building a new home, we recommend you to start planning your kitchen in parallel with plans of your home. We can then prepare a preliminary project based on the plans, before accurately dimensioning the room. You will be sure that your kitchen will be tailored to your exact requirements. In addition, you will avoid the extra costs associated with relocating of installation connections, remodeling partition walls, or removing improperly placed tiles.

Before starting work on the project, we will arrange with you on the measurement. Why do not we do executive design without dimensioning? Because only after measuring made by our designer, we can take responsibility for the design and proper fitting of furniture to the dimensions of the room. Starting our cooperation with measurement allows both of us, to save time, effort and ... yes - money. And since it is already mentioned - the measurement and design is charged with a deposit , the amount of which is deducted from the cost of the ordered kitchen. All projects are prepared on specialized programs that take into account the specifics of our offer and allow you to present a realistic, three-dimensional visualization.

You can make an appointment while visiting the showroom or by phone. Contact details for all our showrooms can be found in the Contact tab. If you would like to meet our designer to discuss your offer or valuation, we encourage you to arrange a date and time in advance. Thanks to that, we will be able to give you one hundred percent of our attention, and you will avoid waiting for a conversation.

Of course. Fulfillment of the order according to your project, looks exactly the same as with standard procedures - we start with the valuation, then we measure the room and adapt your project to the specifics of our offer. It may be that we will have to make small changes, but we do not lose from the sight the original project with which you come to us.

The standard terms are about 8 weeks. Everything depends on the project, however. If you want to have your new kitchen made at a specific date, come to us 3-4 months in advance. We will have time to work together to prepare the project, so as to order all the necessary materials and to safely install not only furniture but also - made after assembly of furniture - countertops, wall panels and other elements of the kitchen. If you need the kitchen “on yesterday", we invite you to look at our occasional offers from the exposition.

We have a wide selection of household appliances. We offer you not only sales but also full after-sales service. Buying home appliances together with kitchen furniture, means that you can be sure that under our responsibility everything will be matched to the furniture, delivered without damages, on time, and that it will be installed with the furniture. Can you order household appliances yourself? Yes of course. The difference is that we can not take responsibility for the efficiency of your equipment, their delivery and service then.

If you have already chosen your new kitchen and decided to do it with us, our designer will visit you to measure the room,  prepare a project for you, and present visualizations. After acceptance, we sign the contract and proceed to fulfill the order. It is time for us to order furniture and home appliances, prepare installation plans for your contractors, prepare assembly drawings, coordinate deliveries, schedule furniture assembly, make measurements and assembly of worktops and wall panels. After completion of the mounting, you will receive a reception protocol, the signature of which is equivalent to acceptance of the quality of the service.

We specialize in kitchen furniture, which is why we treat other furniture as a complement to our offer. If you would like to add to your kitchen order some wardrobes or other custom made furniture, we will take this order in entirety.

If you order our kitchen furniture, then we make both - countertops and wall panels. As in case of appliances, we take full responsibility for material, effect and mounting. You can believe it or not, but our experience clearly indicates that a comprehensive contract with one contractor allowes to save many unnecessary problems and misunderstandings.

Nolte kitchen furniture is covered by a five-year factory warranty, and all warranty repairs are carried out using factory spare parts.